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last updated 01-17-2023
by FreightPrint

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What is the cost of usage?

Our price varies on the volume and features you need. Our plans start at $149/month (paid annually). See all of our plans here.

Is there a trial account?

We offer risk free membership. You can start your 2-week trial for free. There is no credit card required.

Will I get charged during the trial?

No. We don't require a credit card for trial. After your trial period, you can add your credit card to your account and continue using the software.

Are there any contracts?

No. Our services are based on monthly subscription model. You can cancel your account anytime. There are no cancellation fees or activation fees.

Do you offer Load Tracking?

Yes. All of our plans come with free and automated load tracking. Drivers can receive load updates and your customers would receive real-time shipment status alerts.

How much does load tracking cost?

We do not charge for load tracking separately. All of our plans are included with free load tracking. If you want to compare pricing with other software, it would be anywhere between 15 - 99 cents per load.

Do you offer Routing?

Yes. We offer routing and automated route optimization. You can add any number of stops to your route. Request a free demo here.

Do you offer Proof of Delivery?

Yes. All of our plans come with free proof of delivery and pictures. Drivers can receive signatures electronically and will be posted to your dashboard immediately.

Can I request a demo of your software?

Yes. We offer an interactive live demo of FreightPrint™. This is a great way to learn, see and experience what it is like to use FreightPrint™. Request a free demo here.

What if I have to cancel my account?

We understand we are not perfect for everybody. If you need to cancel the account for whatever reason, please contact us at and request to cancel your account.

If I cancel my account, will I lose all the data and history?

Yes. However, instead of cancelling, you can request to freeze your account for one month at a time, and you will only be charged $9.99 for the current month. This will preserve all your data.

Can I cancel during trial?

You can cancel your account during your trial. You can also convert to a paid account during or after the trial.

Can I cancel after trial?

You can cancel your account after your trial. There are no cancellation fees.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Our membership is on a monthly basis (can be paid annually, as well). You could upgrade or downgrade your plans anytime based on your needs. We want to be flexible enough to help you grow.

Do you help me with setup?

Most of our customers prefer setting up themselves. However, we offer paid consultation to setup your account to meet your needs and train your staff. Feel free to schedule a call with us to learn more about our consultation services.

Can I use FedEx and other national carriers?

No. Our services are for shippers utilizing independent carriers, and/or their own fleet of trucks, and need a logistics software to track, organize and automate logistics operations.

Can I add multiple users?

Yes. You can add multiple users to your account, and assign specific roles with limited functions.

Can I add multiple locations?

Yes. You can add multiple locations, and restrict your users to a particular location.

Can I add brokers and carriers?

Yes. You can create a login for your brokers and carriers and only allow them to see their loads.

Can I create customer portals/logins?

Yes. You can create logins for your customers, so that they can create loads, view shipment statuses and access proof of delivery documents.

Can I print QR code shipment labels?

Yes. You can print QR code labels for your shipments. Drivers can scan labels to view and update shipment statuses any time.

Can I brand BOLs and PODs?

Yes. You can upload your logos and assets to BOLs and PODs, to help with your branding.

Can I customize my BOL and PODs?

Yes. Our drag and drop document designer allows you to upload your existing delivery documents and customize it to be used electronically.

Can I provide access to my suppliers?

Yes. If you want to share your shipment information/data with your suppliers, you can provide them access to only view their loads.

Is there a limit on the number of drivers I can add?

No. There are no limits to how many drivers or carriers you can add to your account. If you have further questions, feel free to schedule a call with us.

Can I pick a custom plan?

Our pre-determined plans are the based on the needs of majority of our customers. However, it doesn't mean you are limited to those plans. If you'd like to make a customized plans to fit your needs, feel free to schedule a call with us.


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