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Nobody would debate the fact that logistics is bloated with paperwork. You get paperwork from manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, freight carriers, warehouses, and the list goes on. 

Everyone touching the paperwork would want to either get some information or post an update regarding the shipment. It could be a bill of lading, probill, purchase order, proof of delivery, load manifest or shipment receipt. 

QR Code Labels

Imagine having one centralized record for your freight, and being able to create unique scannable QR codes for each shipment. Print unique QR code labels for your LTL (less than truckload) or FTL (full truckload) shipments. 

FreightPrint’s mobile app functions as a QR code scanner, enabling anyone to update status of a shipment from anywhere. It used to be that everyone needed to login to a TMS system to update shipment statuses and post notes. With FreightPrint’s mobile scanner apps, you can point and scan QR code labels from the convenience of using your phone. 

Scan and Update Statuses

Virtually anyone can update and post data from anywhere by simply scanning FreightPrint QR code labels. Using a freight management system driven by QR code technology doesn’t need to be complex either. 

Easy Setup

Most of our customers are able to get setup and use it seamlessly within a matter of hours. Schedule a free demo to see how FreightPrint and QR code scanning could work for you.

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