Why You Need a Simple Delivery Management Software or Proof of Delivery App

last updated 01-25-2023
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One of the most important functions of logistics operations and delivery is to obtain documentation regarding pickups and deliveries. 

In this article we'll explore everything regarding proof of delivery in your shipping company.

Here's a brief outline of what we'll cover:


What is a Proof of Delivery (POD) in Shipping?

Proof of delivery in trucking is synonymous with what a signature is in banking. Proof of delivery is a delivery receipt that confirms that delivery was completed, with the customer's signature as a validation of the delivery.

This simple POD signature stating that the end consignee received the shipment in good condition, is of significant value in the logistics world. 

Why Do You Need a Smooth Proof of Delivery Process?

Your customers don't like waiting. Especially if it's about their long-awaited shipment that should've arrived a few days ago.

So, a smooth proof of delivery helps the delivery driver to get this proof effortlessly. It also helps the customer get their package as soon as possible, which boosts customer satisfaction.

The easiest way of obtaining proof of delivery is to implement an electronic proof of delivery to keep all your POD documents in one place.

proof of delivery

Proof of Delivery and Trucking Business

In a typical supply chain process, the shipper sends the bill of lading (BOL) or way bills to the carriers. The same BOL is then later sent back with a signature from the end customer as proof of delivery (POD). 

This single document is what is required by the shipper, to release the payment to her third party carriers. Trucking companies often rely on invoice factoring companies to get payments faster. Proof of delivery document is often required to facilitate invoice factoring. As you could see, proof of delivery is an essential piece of paperwork for almost every trucking company. 

What is a Touchless Delivery?

PODs are often handwritten, then emailed or faxed back to the shipper to be processed for payment. Thanks to FreightPrint, signatures can be now captured electronically (E-signature) by any carrier on their smartphones. With electronic proof of delivery, signatures can be received instantly upon delivery straight from your driver's phone.

Want to offer touchless deliveries? Your carrier has the option to take pictures and update instantly with notes. 

Better yet, you don’t need to look through your emails or faxes for PODs to send to billing and accounting. 

What is a Picture Proof of Delivery?

Every load that you have dispatched would be automatically updated with information related to its deliveries and notes from various entities in the delivery chain, such as dispatchers, carriers, brokers and end customers. 

Take multiple pictures and send them as picture proof of delivery. Pictures are attached to your proof of delivery documents. All of these are available to your customers on demand. 

How to Track POD and BOL

It's not good enough to create and track POD for your own internal use. Your customers need access to POD and BOL on demand. Most trucking companies create a customer portal to facilitate the searching for BOL and POD. 

This was the old-school way of providing data to customers. Today's customers don't want to create logins and go through extra work. Luckily with newer technology, you can use a simple solution.

What is a Shipment Tracking Widget

By adding a FreightPrint Tracking Widget to your own website, your customers can look up proof of delivery signatures, proof of delivery pictures and other proof of delivery documents electronically.

Forget about just getting the proof, now you can bulletproof your delivery process with electronic signatures, pictures, driver notes and address confirmation. 

Track using BOL and PRO Number

Every load created in FreightPrint™ automatically comes with a unique tracking number. This tracking number could also be used to look up your POD. Customers can access the status of their order anytime by simply looking up either through a unique link, or using the embeddable widget on your website. Learn more about embeddable widget here.


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Free Proof of Delivery App

The best part is that your drivers use the app for free. FreightPrint™ proof of delivery app is available on Android and Apple Store for free. There is also no need to set up a username or password for your drivers. 

FreightPrint automatically creates a QR code for every load you create, so that your drivers can literally scan and get all the delivery information. 

Drivers can view, update or transmit electronic proof of deliveries by simply scanning or entering the tracking number.  Electronic POD is not only simple but a convenient way to make the delivery process an easy task for every driver.

Talk about making your logistics frictionless!

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