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Paper is great! I still prefer reading a paper book vs an e-book. Paper has its on advantage when it comes to kinesthetics. You can touch and feel a paper. Your favorite fiction novel will age with you, showing wear and tear of its journey with you. It’s much more emotional to read an old paper book than to read an ebook on your phone.

When it comes to bills of lading, proof of delivery, rate confirmation, customs documents and other shipping documents, it's a different story altogether. 

First of all, when it comes to logistics documentation, it is better to have it in a format that is not paper. When you have multiple people literally touching your paperwork, your data could be smudged and become illegible. Did I mention how frustrating it is to search for a missed proof of delivery (POD), because the customer wouldn’t release your payment without it?

Maybe you've graduated from paper to spreadsheet. That’s great! It still requires you to maintain multiple spreadsheets. Pretty soon it'll become too hard to manage, as well. Remember those oversized email attachments!

Imagine having a simple logistics software where you upload your existing shipping templates and converting them to a digital copy. 

How about being able to encode it with your data, add a QR code and also embed electronic signatures directly on it?

Oh, did I mention you can still print, email and download them into Excel as well?

FreightPrint’s document management system is a simple, yet efficient tool to take you from paper to digital without confusing you, your staff or customers. 

Learn how you can make your logistics simple, affordable and enjoyable using FreightPrint.

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