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last updated 08-22-2022
by FreightPrint

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Finding Drivers is Not that Easy

Order processing, inventory picking and packaging is only half of the equation in logistics operations. The other half is to find a carrier to haul your shipment to the end customer. Whether it is a retail store or a residential customer, you have to match your loads with your haulers. When you deal with hundreds of orders, and need to find truckers to match your delivery schedule, it easily becomes a nightmare for your logistics operations. 

Can Load Boards Help?

The traditional way to find trucking companies is to post your loads on a load board. Load boards primarily serve the spot market. Most brokers or shippers who utilize load boards are looking to extend their capacity, or for one-time haulers. Scraping through load boards is laborious and often unproductive, as it contains a lot of stale information. 

Stale vs Real-time Responses

The ideal solution is to create a network of carriers and brokers, whom you have vetted, to receive your load information. They can respond to your loads, by stating their availability, rate and capacity. Imagine how much time you could save by simply automating your load matching and dispatching process, needless to mention relieving the headaches and stress associated with it. 

FreightPrint's Load Broadcast

FreightPrint’s Load Broadcast allows you to broadcast each load to a list of carriers and/or brokers. You can receive and aggregate responses from each carrier, and then award the load to the lowest bidder, or a carrier of your choice. Create one general list or specific lists based on your load, and receive responses from your haulers all in one place. 

Broadcast, Bid and Dispatch!

Shippers can interact and review bid responses from multiple carriers all within a manner of minutes. Once you receive the bids, all you need to do is to pick whom to dispatch. 

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While load boards are still widely used, creating a private load broadcast and bidding will definitely give you the competitive edge in the current market.

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Learn About Load Broadcast

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