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last updated 11-23-2022
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In today’s world, logistics and delivery are not up to just the trucking companies. The shipper is equally responsible for making the delivery logistics a priority. It is a priority because it has become a priority for your customers. Customers are now more than ever interested in receiving updates about their shipments. Whether it is an order for a pallet of potatoes or a pair of ski shoes, customers expect information regarding their shipments. 

Moreover, they expect that the information they get will be real-time data that can show them the status of the delivery with each passing minute.

Luckily, they can get timely updates within a single delivery management software, which we'll discuss later on.

Shippers care about their customers' delivery experience

Shippers who work with local trucking companies, or manage their own internal fleet of trucks and drivers need to offer their customers a consistent delivery experience. Regardless of the third party carriers, your customers expect you to be accountable regarding their orders.

Not only do you have to implement route optimization but find a delivery management system that fits all your customers' needs.

Otherwise, you will risk providing inadequate service. And we all know from experience that poor delivery experience leads to bad reviews, loss of revenue, and loss of customers.

Relevant and timely information matters

Imagine having a simple system in place to manage all your delivery functions, and properly communicate relevant information to your customers in a timely manner. There is no need for a dispatcher to be glued to the phone or field questions from customers regarding their order and their delivery status. 

What you need is delivery management software. It's a tool for every delivery business that wants to scale its logistics operations and its last mile delivery.

Delivery Management system for your Needs

FreightPrint is the best delivery management software for your needs. This simple delivery logistics tool will enhance your logistics efficiency. 

FreightPrint offers dispatching, track and trace, load bidding, carrier invoicing, electronic proof of delivery, and other tools to improve shippers’ logistics operations. Our shipper customers say they save an average of 1.5 hours a day by simply using FreightPrint in their delivery management.  

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Want to find out how FreightPrint delivery management solution can help you increase your logistics efficiency? We offer free demos and trials. FreightPrint’s software runs on browsers and mobile phones. There is no need to spend hours installing, configuring, and training. 

Small or Large Operations

Are you a small team with one-person handling your logistics, a medium-sized team with a few team members, or a large company with multiple locations and service regions? We offer plans to cover your various needs. 

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