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A dispatcher may be compared to the glue that holds together the logistics operations. Dispatchers wear many hats. The efficiency of a dispatcher largely depends on his ability to multitask without much error.

Imagine scaling your volume without exhausting your resources. Accountability and transparency are the keys to making it possible for dispatchers to do his job well. Is it possible to give customers details regarding delivery ETA (estimated time of arrival) and make order changes, all without tying up resources?

FreightPrint has dispatching capabilities. Save previously delivered locations, clone previous delivery tickets in seconds, look up available drivers, and schedule to dispatch at a later date. Communicate directly with the assigned driver if necessary. Postpone, cancel or reschedule loads, all without leaving your seat or making any extra calls. Setup auto text messages and email notifications. Exceed your customer expectations.

Want to schedule next week’s loads today? You could be on vacation or sleeping, while FreightPrint would be dispatching loads at the right time with relevant information to related parties.

Our customers rave about our dispatching software as one of the easiest and most pleasant to use. It’s not modular and clumsy. Want to see what it looks like? Request a free demo.

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FreightPrint's goal is to make complex processes simple and automate much of mundane tasks so that you can focus on revenue-generating tasks as you manage your shipments seamlessly without the need for your dispatch relying on paper documents.

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