Why dispatchers should stop wasting time on load boards

by FreightPrint

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Running a freight dispatching company can be a lucrative business. Unlike a freight broker, a dispatcher carries less risk and has more freedom.

In today’s world of overflowing ports and backed up warehouses, finding drivers that are reliable and efficient is no small task.

A dispatcher's job is a pretty straightforward, yet critical one:  Match loads with the most efficient driver as quickly as possible.

Load boards aren’t the best technology to use for the job.

Dispatcher vs. Broker

Many people find the job of a dispatcher to be similar to that of a freight broker. Even though there are similarities, the fundamental difference has to do with who the primary audience is.

When a broker represents loads on behalf of shippers, dispatchers offer capacity and drivers on behalf of trucking companies.

A broker focuses on building relationships with shippers and thereby helping move their loads. On the other hand, a dispatcher focuses on finding reliable carriers or drivers. The dispatcher could do this for a broker or a shipper, but their focus is on carriers and drivers.

Focus on drivers

The main function of a dispatcher is to dispatch loads to drivers. Brokers often rely on dispatchers to find reliable drivers for them.

For the most part, shippers don’t directly broker a load with a dispatcher. The few loads they do send to a dispatcher are low-risk loads. The rest are brokered through brokers or handled in-house.

It is true that dispatchers need to be connected with shippers and brokers. However, this should not be their main focus. Building a robust network of drivers and carriers makes their service more valuable.

Build a strong driver network

A dispatcher’s efficiency is a crucial component in logistics. Dispatching the right truck with the right equipment in the right lane requires some expertise and precision.

Communicating with the drivers and planning the next route for the drivers can be challenging. A dispatcher’s success is tied to managing multiple drivers without complicating things for the drivers.

Dispatchers add incredible value to the supply chain by efficiently dispatching carriers.

Use simple dispatching software

Dispatchers juggle a lot of tasks in logistics. Check calls, load confirmations, ETA calculation, and collecting proof of delivery documentation are all important aspects of their job.

It’s also important to increase their driver list and add more revenue. All of this takes time and effort, but how much time and effort it takes depends on the method used to do the job.

Could it be possible to scale volume without losing quality?

How about doing more of that work in less time without investing a lot of money?

Imagine having a simple solution where you can monitor your drivers on a map, automatically calculate their ETAs, and monitor their dwell time without calling them.

Can you imagine getting documents and proof of delivery with pictures to shippers and brokers electronically?

FreightPrint is a simple QR code based dispatching tool. Whether you are a dispatcher of dump trucks or freight trucks, FreightPrint offers tools to simplify your logistics operations.

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