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last updated 08-22-2022
by FreightPrint

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We are Wired to Connect

Human beings are wired to connect. It’s at the core of our existence. We connect with each other to transfer ideas and run relay races. It’s how we build civilizations.

Without it, we can’t achieve much of anything.

With it, we’re unstoppable.

Connections facilitate transfer. We transfer information, ideas, services, race batons, commitments, and products.


How to Facilitate Transfers in Logistics

It’s true in logistics too. Supply chains are made up of connections.

In today's world of 2-day and same-day deliveries, it’s common to transfer products between multiple staging warehouses before they arrive at the consignee destination. 


Transfers are Essential in Logistics

Transfers facilitate quick and safe deliveries. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) requires that trucking companies use ELDs (electronic logging devices) in order to comply with daily hours of service regulations.

Just like a relay race, good transfers keep long-distance deliveries moving and drivers safe and law-abiding.

Multiple transfers in your delivery channels have now become a necessity in freight and the supply chain business.

That’s all well and good, but with that many transfers, it’s messy to track. At least it is if you’re using the usual system.


Link Multiple Transfer Facilities

Imagine having a logistics software where you can track your products from origination through multiple transfer points and multiple carriers all the way to their final destination. Seamlessly.

Using FreightPrint’s simple, yet intuitive logistics technology, you can handle multiple transfers. Transfer loads may be tendered using multiple carriers, or the same carrier, using FreightPrint.

Would creating transfers make the process harder for your carriers and customers? No, it doesn’t have to.



Using FreightPrint you are able to track a product from origination to transfer points, and from transfer points to final destination seamlessly. Do you work with multiple trucking companies, and multiple brokers, and warehouses? FreightPrint helps you to connect with all of them, to make the process simple.

If you're interested in learning about how FreightPrint could simplify your logistics, then please schedule a free consultation call now.

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Today, most shippers rely on many complex methods to provide tracking and other details for their customers. Use FreightPrint to simplify the process.

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