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Gen Z consumers held $34 billion in buying power alone in 2020, and are poised to become America’s largest generation by 2034. IBM Institute of Business Value and the National Retail Federation (NRF) defined this generation as very specific and unique when it comes to their wants and needs. 

Born with the Internet, these digital-first Gen Zers are changing expectations for the way we shop. Not only do they look for an entirely digital and integrated experience, they have high expectations for responsiveness from businesses while shopping, from purchase to delivery.

Today, most shippers rely on manual check calls and other complex methods to provide tracking details for their customers. 

But, if businesses are slow to respond during the delivery process or fail to meet the customer’s shipping expectations, Gen Zers won’t hesitate to move onto a competitor.  

My Total Retail reported that 71% Gen Zers will expect local or same-day shipping when available and a lot of them expect this to be an option. This type of spending behavior is becoming more and more familiar and could make or break the relationship that Gen Zers have with brands.

So, why does this matter to you? 

Because you are delivering to these customers. 

Regardless of the third party carriers, Gen Zers expect you to be accountable regarding their orders. That’s where FreightPrint’s delivery tracking software can provide customers with receiving updates about their shipments, no matter what the product is. 

FreightPrint's simple and affordable transportation management software provides:

  • A one-stop hub to manage all your delivery functions
  • Seamless processes, eliminating multiple paper and email trails
  • Communication with customers in a timely manner
  • A consistent delivery experience
  • Electronic signatures (E-signature) by any carrier on their smartphones or touchless delivery


A modern and efficient dispatching software will give you the edge you need to deliver high-quality customer experience. With Gen Zers, you need to meet them where they spend most of their time: online. FreightPrint’s delivery tracking software does just that. 

It’s time to be fast and frictionless with best-in-class software and simplified logistics for your deliveries. 

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