7 Best Practices to Run your Logistics Remotely

by FreightPrint

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If you're reading this while making lunch for your kids, then you may have mastered the art of working remotely.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that almost everything can be done remotely!

This is also true for any entrepreneur running a shipping business. Remote work can be challenging.

As the saying goes, “The important thing is to keep the important thing, the important thing.” 

We all know that in the shipping business, there are many important things to stay on top of. These best practices will give you the edge you need to deliver high-quality customer service.

1. Make sure you have the right tools to plan your shipments

If you’re running a shipping business, you know that it’d be easy to drown in your paperwork.

Use a load planner that simplifies and automates the process! Have a system that uses the best shipper software and logistics transportation software. Use a planner that makes sure the most effective dispatching software is used and supplies QR code labels for shippers.

2. Know where everything is… at all times

The ability to track and trace your shipments is as important to your business as the star quarterback is to a Championship football team. The right shipper software gives you the eyes you need to see where your freight is.

3. Make updating your shipment status easy… really easy

Technology allows us to run businesses remotely. Use those same advances in technology to make updating the status of your shipment as easy as point and click. QR code labels for shippers allow you to create individual QR codes for each shipment that make updating its status simple and easy.

4. Record and document deliveries as they happen

This has always been the crux of the shipping world: The successful delivery of the shipment to the consignee. Make sure that you are using systems that allow you to update your deliveries in real-time with signatures, photos and driver notes so everyone is up to date, all the time.

5. Have a bird’s eye view of your deliveries

Imagine shipping goods as a merchant during the spice trade. You send off your load, hope for the best and expect to hear back in a few months. Not today! Logistics transportation software allows you to view your deliveries and their locations on a map in real time.

6. Keep accounting straight forward

Simplify your accounting process by using a fully integrated invoicing system. A system that can set up automated invoicing, provide proof of deliveries and allow you to make notes in the process is a must have for a remote shipping business.

7. Dispatching software for today's needs

Use dispatching software that makes your dispatcher even more of a hero than they already are. By streamlining your dispatching process, you set yourself up for success in the future.

FreightPrint provides these tools and more so you can do what you do best: Keeping the important thing, the important thing.

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