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last updated 05-11-2022
by FreightPrint

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Logistics is complex. You’re already managing tons of data and paperwork and you still need to find the time to process orders and dispatch while avoiding delays. You can't afford to lose track of your shipments, or get stuck with manual order entry, or send paper documents.

FreightPrint is a simple logistics software that will increase your operational efficiency by simplifying your logistics tasks.

FreightPrint logistics software is an easy-to-use platform that handles all of your logistics operations so that you can stay focused on more important things like taking care of your customers and growing your business.

Automated Dispatch

With FreightPrint, you can avoid the manual process of entering and calculating metrics for dispatching. You can also schedule orders to dispatch at a future date and time.

Automated Tracking

FreightPrint automatically keeps track of pickups, deliveries, delays and ETAs so you don't have to make constant status calls or wait for driver check-ins. This saves you valuable time by reducing the amount of work it takes to keep track of every load.

Electronic Documents

FreightPrint lets you create, store and process logistics documents electronically so you can save on labor costs by avoiding sending paper copies.

Proof of Delivery Processing

With FreightPrint's automated proof of delivery processing, you can avoid the labor costs associated with manually sending out copies and the time it takes to take care of these tasks yourself.


FreightPrint will help you automate orders, dispatch, proof of delivery and invoices—all without having to send any paper documents or manually check in with drivers when things go awry.

It's not just about making your life easier—it's about making sure you're able to focus on what matters most so that your business can grow!

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