How to efficiently manage multiple routes with multiples stops using FreightPrint™

last updated 04-19-2022
by FreightPrint

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Improve your Customers' Delivery Experience

Are you an auto parts distributor, dealer, or auctioneer? Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of your clients and customers?


Are you limited to 10 stops?

When you have more than 20 stops, using a traditional mapping software isn't enough. FreightPrint™ Dispatching Software streamlines your planning and routing with real-time ETA calculations and efficient route creation. You'll be able to save time and money by optimizing your routes—and if you need to make manual changes, FreightPrint™ Dispatching Software makes it easy!


With FreightPrint™ Dispatching Software, you'll be able to:

• Save time, fuel and money by creating efficient routes

• Speed up routing and planning using route automation

• Improve customer service by offering real-time ETA alerts

• Have the flexibility to manually edit routes


Delivery Route Planner

FreightPrint™ is a routing and dispatching software designed for the auto parts industry. Our software is perfect for auto parts distributors, car and truck dealers, auto driveaway companies and auto auctioneers.

FreightPrint™ will help you save time, fuel and money by creating efficient routes. You can speed up routing and planning using route automation.

You'll be able to improve customer service by offering real-time ETA alerts. We understand that sometimes you need to manually edit a route. With FreightPrint™, you have the flexibility to do so!


Automated ETA Calculations

Our routing and dispatching software was specifically designed for you. It uses real-time ETA calculations to help you save time and money by creating efficient routes. You can even offer your customers real-time ETA alerts to improve customer service.

Of course, sometimes the unexpected happens. That’s why we also give you the flexibility to manually edit routes without having to start over from scratch.


Don't Delay your Deliveries

Lost time is lost money. When your drivers are out on the road, are you sure they're taking the fastest, most efficient route possible?

FreightPrint™ Dispatching and Routing Software can help you optimize your routes to cut down on expenses and wasted time, helping you speed up shipping and improve customer service.

But what if Mother Nature decides to dump a foot of snow on your area overnight? Or someone in your fleet needs to make an emergency detour? That's no problem when you're using FreightPrint. The software makes it easy for you to change stops and edit routes manually as necessary, so that even in times of chaos, your drivers still arrive on time.

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Don’t let routing and planning get in the way of what’s really important: providing quality service that keeps your customers coming back for more. Take control of your routes with FreightPrint™ Dispatching Software today!


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