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last updated 08-22-2022
by FreightPrint

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Disruption is an essential ingredient for innovation. Adversities generally pave the way for new opportunities.

A global pandemic is no different from an economic depression in that sense. A lot of new products and services have entered the market.

Anything from a straight forward trucking company to a more complex e-commerce fulfillment services are proving to be very successful. However, all of them have one thing that is a must have: a robust, yet simple logistics technology that they can rely on.

No matter how great your product is, the quality of your delivery service is equally important in today's economy. 

Most traditional transportation management software (TMS) are designed to service traditional truckers or shippers. If your vision does not fit the traditional models, then your only option is to build your own technology which could be very expensive, or put together a system that comprises of a lot of spreadsheets and emails.

Let’s say you have a first mile or last mile delivery logistics company, where you want to create shipment labels and email them to your warehouses or customers. 

You want a process that is simple and straightforward. Your customers or suppliers want to print unique labels, attach to the package. Then you want your drivers to pick up and scan those packages. It’s pretty straight forward, right? It would also be nice, if you could also track these packages on a map the entire way back to your distribution warehouse and receive them by scanning in.

This is where choosing a technology that is generic enough to grow and adapt to your business becomes the key to your success. For example: FreightPrint’s QR code scanning technology is simple enough to incorporate into your own documents and labels. 

It is easy enough to get setup and start operations from day one. That’s right, you don’t have to wait for weeks and months before actually using it. Of course, as your volume goes up, you would be able to use our APIs to automate most of the manual order pulling and load management tasks.

In any case, when you have a unique vision, it is important to have a logistics software that is simple to get started; but robust enough to scale and grow. Last thing you want to do is to implement something that will prevent you from growing big.

If you have specific questions about how FreightPrint could make your dream come true, or just curious about how everything works, schedule a demo with our team.

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