E-Signature and Picture Proof of Delivery

by FreightPrint

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One of the most important functions of logistics operations is to obtain documentation regarding their pickups and deliveries. 

A proof of delivery (POD) is a document proving that a delivery was completed, with the customer's signature as a validation of the delivery. This simple signature stating that the end consignee received shipment in good condition, is of significant value in the logistics world. 

In a typical supply chain process, the shipper sends the bill of lading (BOL) to the carriers. The same BOL is then later sent back with a signature from the end customer as proof of delivery (POD). This single document is what is required by the shipper, to release the payment to her third party carriers. 

PODs are often handwritten, then emailed or faxed back to the shipper to be processed for payment. Thanks to FreightPrint, signatures can be now captured electronically (E-signature) by any carrier on their smartphones. For touchless deliveries, the carrier has the option to take pictures and update instantly with notes. 

Better yet, you don’t need to look through your emails or faxes for PODs to send them to billing and accounting. 

Every load that you have dispatched would be automatically updated with information related to its deliveries and notes from various entities in the delivery chain, such as dispatchers, carriers, brokers and end customers. 

Forget about just getting the proof, now you can bullet proof your deliveries with electronic signatures, pictures, driver notes and address confirmation. 

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