What to keep and what to let go of in your logistics

last updated 08-22-2022
by FreightPrint

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An age-old industry

Shipping and logistics is probably one of the oldest industries in human history. Historical merchants traveled on camels and horses, or sailed across oceans for trade. We know about ancient trading routes and port towns around the world. Ocean floors are littered with the wreckage of ancient ships and their cargoes.

The basic functions of transportation and logistics haven’t changed much through the ages. People produce goods or grow crops and then ship them to other places and markets.

Isn’t that what we do now, too? 

What’s changed?

Things still have to be physically moved from place to place, which we now call picking up and delivering loads.

Picking up and delivering loads are the easier aspects of running a logistics business. Making the process transparent, efficient and easy for customers is much harder.

Many logistics companies want to maximize their profit by getting more business and increasing their capacity. However, with more customers comes more customer engagement, and customer engagement can be costly.

Customers need more transparency

The average trucking company spends about 30% of their revenue in handling customer service. As many can attest, that high price doesn’t always mean high customer satisfaction.

Many trucking companies use check calls to get updates from drivers on the status of their loads. This results in an information bottleneck and lagging info.

For example: A customer calls you multiple times a day to get the status of her order delivery. Each time, you chat with her, then your driver, then her again. Even if you give her the most recent update, it’s only as good as the last check call, and she’s not happy to have to keep calling. You’re not happy to be taken away from your other work either. And your driver doesn’t like feeling babysat. The end result is costly customer service, an unsatisfied customer, and higher stress.

Imagine automatically generating status updates for your customers instead.

Could you envision automatically creating a unique tracking number for each order? Can you picture your customers looking up their unique tracking number for their load anytime they want to, whether it’s during your office hours or not?

Free up your bandwidth and reduce loss

The key to efficiency is to free up your bandwidth so that you can focus on revenue-generating tasks. 

Let your customers monitor their shipments’ statuses on their own, while you work on getting more loads. Give them the control they want. That way, you free up your bandwidth and empower your customers. Win-win.

FreightPrint™ can help

In an age when people pay more for convenience and a better customer experience, why not offer them both using a simple tracking software?

The basics of the transportation business may not have changed. What HAS changed is your customers’ expectations around logistics services.

FreightPrint™ provides unique tracking numbers and updates your customers. The tool does it automatically, so you don’t have to worry about sending a link to your drivers or emailing your customers.

How to get started

Getting started with FreightPrint™ is easy. Set up your account online, have your drivers download the free app, and you’re set. The first 14 days are free, so you can use it for free and see exactly how it works.

Our offer

Many other transportation software companies lock you into contractual obligations and cancellation fees, which can feel like a trap if it’s a bad fit for your company.

We believe you should have the freedom to decide for yourself what fits your company best.

To help you do so, we offer a 14 day free trial. There are no contractual obligations or cancellation fees, like many other transportation software have.

Try it for FREE for 14 days. If you don’t like it, cancel it. It’s that plain and simple.

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