Logistics Software for Speciality Shippers

last updated 08-22-2022
by FreightPrint

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Easy tool for shippers

FreightPrint is a comprehensive software for logistics companies to track, manage and organize their shipment deliveries. Integrations are important to logistics companies, so we offer integrations with our API, Salesforce, Quickbooks, OrderTime ERP or with Zapier. Our integration team has helped companies who need special integrations. Request custom features, white labelled products, work flow automation.


Shippers come in all forms

We make the job of specialty shippers easy by making your day-to-day logistics operation run smoothly. Whether you're an antique shipper, fine arts shipper, bike shipper, e-commerce fulfillment company, or humanitarian aid organization—or any other type of specialty shipper—we've got you covered.

FreightPrint will help you to avoid transferring data manually between multiple software. It will save your company time and resources on hiring software developers to do integration and will allow you to avoid compromising on solutions that don't fully solve your problems.

Integrate with other software

If you need specific integrations that don't exist yet, we'll work with our integration team to make them happen. We're committed to helping you find solutions that fit your business' needs, and that means going above and beyond to create new features or white-label options that meet your goals.

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Why waste time and resources on unnecessarily complicated logistics management?

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Simplify your logistics!

"...FreightPrint helps us to be more organized and offer a faster service to our customers..." - Auto parts shipper, CA