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last updated 08-22-2022
by FreightPrint

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Gone are the days where you relied on one single software for everything you needed. People used to buy software that was built modularly. 

The idea was that you added more building blocks to the central software, and eventually you had one giant software that ran all of your operations. This approach was not only ineffective, but was also unaffordable

It is like going to a general medicine doctor for all your medical treatment. 

In today’s world you want the best software in its category to do the work for you. 

You don’t want a transportation software built by a sales company, or a sales software built by a transportation company. 

All Purpose Software vs Speciality Software 

We live in an ecosystem of technology where connectivity with other software is highly desirable. Instead of building one big transportation software and adding everything to it, you now could have multiple speciality software that can be connected to each other. 

There is no need to unnecessarily confuse your teams or have poor performing software. Interconnectivity not only increases efficiency, but it also makes it affordable. 

It also allows your employees to easily collaborate with other teams, without needing to learn new software. 

Integration with Salesforce 

Imagine having a customer relationship management software (CRM) such as Salesforce, where your sales team can create orders and directly send it to your shipping department. Your shipping and dispatching team could process the order and provide shipment status instantly. 

FreightPrint™ integrates with Salesforce. With a click of a button from within Salesforce, your sales team can instantly create unique shipment tracking numbers for your customers. 

No more waiting and guessing on order ETAs or other shipping related inquiries. Your sales team has all the info to help your customers!

How does it work? 

FreightPrint™ is built to enhance your customers’ shipping experience

If you work with your own trucks or independent trucking companies to ship products, then FreightPrint™ might be what you've been searching.

Using the FreightPrint™ integration, you would be able to create a shipment directly from your Orders page in SalesForce. 

All the necessary information regarding the customer's order can be sent directly to FreightPrint™ dashboard.

FreightPrint™ will update your SalesForce dashboard regarding all the updates of the shipment. When your customer receives the shipment, FreightPrint™ will automatically update your SalesForce account with signatures, pictures, notes etc as Proof of Delivery.


Having a customer relationship management (CRM) software is a key factor in improving your customer relationship. 

Salesforce and FreightPrint™ integration provides a powerful tool for any logistics company that uses Salesforce. 

How easy is it to integrate FreightPrint™ with SalesForce?

We are happy to answer that question. Please schedule a free consultation call now.

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