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last updated 09-24-2022
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Automation in logistics

Most of us are familiar with the concept of automation. Although it has been a buzzword in the logistics industry for a while, it conveys a different meaning altogether now.

Automation in the industrial revolution meant replacing human labor with machines.

This type of automation is a thing of the past.

We are in a different phase of automation now. Orders can be processed across multiple continents, involving complex supply chains, in real time.

That’s great!

However, having a complex software spread across multiple computers doesn't solve all the problems in your company. Using computers and software in your business does not necessarily make your business enjoyable.

According to a recent study, the vast majority of people who work on computers do data-entry jobs. Most of us don't enjoy doing that type of work.


Supply-chain managers quit their jobs last year at the highest rate since at least 2016 - [Bloomberg news]


So how do we avoid being data crunchers, and actually do stuff that we really enjoy?

A common solution is to build a giant, complex, modular software that can support multiple functions within your organization. But modular software is cumbersome, expensive, and obsolete. 

In today's world people use specialty applications. These are software built to do one function really well.

For example, your company might be using Salesforce for sales, Mailchimp for email marketing, Wordpress for managing your website, Google calendars for appointments, Outlook for emails, Slack for instant messaging, OrderTime for ERP, Quickbooks for accounting, and a TMS (Transportation Management Software) for your freight management. 

Even though it’s great to have multiple software for various functions of your company, how can you make them work as a single system? The last thing you want to do is copy and paste information all over.


Welcome to workflow automation

It’s a dream-come-true project for any logistics company to build a system that automates their daily workflows while maintaining the tools they love.

Imagine automatically processing orders from various shippers, creating loads, creating routes, confirming rates, booking trucks, delivering products and getting paid - all without manual data entry.

The old way to automate workflow typically involves utilizing software APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces), EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connections, and computer programmers writing code that pushes and pulls data from various software.

This approach is perfectly acceptable. However, this may not be the most affordable or efficient.

Here’s the good news: Using new workflow automation tools like Zapier, you can now integrate your software with thousands of other software without writing any code!

Using Zapier, you can now pull data in and out of your FreightPrint account, and automate thousands of tasks spread across thousands of other software.

Doesn't that sound fun!


Give your team the freedom to choose their favorite tools without bogging down with data entry. That's the power of autonomy and automation!

Curious to know how you could automate your logistics workflow?

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