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last updated 12-07-2021
by FreightPrint

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Why it matters: 

If you ship products to your customers, either using your own fleet or third party carriers, you know that customers need to know the status of their shipment. 

It is a daunting task to update each customer regarding their order statuses manually. You could spend several hours making status calls, and sending updates via email and phone. As you know, logistics is always changing, like the weather. ETAs and delivery schedules need to be updated and communicated to the end customers in a timely manner. 

What to do:

Go to FreightPrint™ and create a load. Every load comes with a unique tracking number. Your customers can easily use their unique tracking numbers to see the status of their orders. Statuses are automatically updated.


Why it matters: 

In today’s logistics world a mere prediction of delivery time is not good enough. Customers often want to know more precise arrival information. 

Imagine having a logistics tracking system that will connect the shipper, warehouse, drivers, shipping and receiving docks with the end customers. It’s possible now to keep them all informed about the shipment status without making manual check calls. Embed FreightPrint Tracking Widget on your own website. 

What to do:

Download the free FreightPrint™ mobile app. Your drivers can simply scan or enter the tracking id using their mobile phone. Once scanned tracking becomes active automatically. ETAs are automatically calculated and updated to your FreightPrint™ dashboard.


Why it matters:

Send customers directly to your website, so that they can pull up their order information and get statuses. FreightPrint Tracking Widget is easy to use, and can be added to your website within minutes. 

There is no need to hire a programmer or do any complex API integration. Bring your customers back to you, by giving them access to their shipment tracking. 

While they are at your website, they could take more actions regarding your products. Adding FreightPrint Tracking Widget to your website is now easier than ever. 

What to do:

Sign up for a FreightPrint™ account. Copy one line of code and paste it on your own website. Your website now has the ability to give customers their status updates.


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