Common Mistakes in Logistics and How to Avoid Them

last updated 08-18-2021
by FreightPrint

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Learning is fun! Most of us learn by listening to experts. But some like to learn by doing it. This kind of learning can be fun, but it may not be fast and easy.

Making mistakes while learning is okay; unless it is too costly to your business. Logistics mistakes cost money. Period.

Here are some common logistics mistakes that you can avoid. 

1. Using Multiple Freight Systems

Often, we see companies start with a single freight system handling logistics. Then you start to expand to multiple shippers and you start working with a few different systems.

The only problem? They use different logistics software, so you must also use multiple systems.

Your number of systems balloons from there, and you have to keep track of each one. Talk about a third-party logistics nightmare that costs you money and efficiency!

Using a simple logistics dispatching software stops this problem and handles all 3PLs in one place.

2. Failure to Invest in Technology

We all know someone who says that logistics tracking and dispatching software is a waste of time. It’s typically followed by a comment that paper logs are good enough.

The thing is, failure to invest in technology kills businesses in the modern marketplace.

Companies without trucking software and other technology are not efficient enough to compete anymore.

3. Lack of Future Scalability

You may not expect to become the next Amazon. However, that does not mean your company can go without a plan to scale operations.

Planning now for expansion may seem premature, but it helps you find the right technology to grow with your company. 

A lot of companies are stuck using outdated systems. Changing into a new system sounds like a nightmare. 

Investing in a logistics solution that will help you grow is the key.

4. Not Using Tracking Tools

Logistics dispatching software, logistics tracking software, bill of lading software, and proof of delivery software may seem excessive.

We know from experience that it’s only excessive until you’re trying to track down why a load is late to a customer. 

With FreightPrint, you can see where your loads are on a map at all times. That’s peace of mind.

5. Relying on Manual or Memory Warehousing Systems

Warehousing is part of logistics too, and we’ve seen some unique systems over the years. 

Warehousing without technology is inefficient. It’s often even more inefficient when it relies on someone’s memory.

Using logistics tracking software is more efficient and adaptable than all of those systems, and it accounts for staffing changes.

6. Cost Tracking Failures

Cost tracking is essential for any logistics company. Still, it’s difficult for companies on many systems to track bids and final invoices.

Not tracking costs and using that information will sink your company.

Having a freight management software that will integrate with other invoicing and billing tools could be an ideal scenario in today’s world.


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